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    I have a fishfinder that is compatable with the Navionics Gold 1xg chip for the western US and Alaska. Does anyone use this chip in the Cook Inlet and out of Homer? If so, how helpful is it for halibut and is it worth the money?


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    Is it compatible with just the gold, or the platinum too? I have no experience with the gold chip but have the Navionics Platinum chip in my plotter and its super cool as it has several 3D views of the bottom contour which can prove helpful scounting for new hali spots in the bay and beyond. I just got it this year when I upgraded electronics in the 2006 Seasport my wife and I bought in January. So far very pleased and would certianly buy it again. Even for coastal hunting its kind of cool because it has arial sat photo overlays which can also show the contour and layout of whats around you, but off the water. So could help make up your mind if you wanted to hike back into a certain bay or up a creek you haven't visited before.

    My .02 cents.
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      Thanks for the response, I already have the unit and it is not Platinum compatible, only Gold, it is the Hummingbird 597ci hd di combo. I mainly got it for the river as I don't fish the ocean that much but since it can take the chip I was thinking of getting one for the few times I am out halibut fishing.


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        Does your 597 show anything of the river? A friend has teh 587CIHD combo and it doesn't show anything at all in the valley rivers (big su etc.). he just bought the gold chip of "entire us" hoping that it shows something up there.


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          I haven't checked it on the river yet, I doubt it will with too much accuracy. I am surprised it at least doesn't show the outline of the big su. My friend has a hand held GPS that shows the outline of the of the Knik River so I would think most basic mapping software would have at least the outline of the river, I will check it out on the Kenai this weekend.


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