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  • Homer trip

    I'll be in homer in mid July for a week and have a few charter trips planned but I would also like to fish from the bank some. I would like to know where, what baits and rigging types for fishing from the Spit. I have heard of a place called the fishing hole on the spit but I would like to fish in the main bay. I have heard folks mention fishing from the bank at lands end. I'm targeting anything that will bite the hook I just want to catch any fish. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    You can fish at lands end and catch all the cod you want. I fish there quite often and use the cod for Halibut bait. They are full of worms so they are not much good to eat. If you are looking for a lot of action and fun for the kids then give it a try at high tide, You can use almost any lure in your tackel box, spoons , spinners, They will hit almost anything.
    as for the fishin Hole , Mid July is kind of between runs, too late for Kings and too early for silvers.The Kenai River has a July King Run and It should be good fishing for Reds on the Kenai and Russan River.
    Good Luck


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      Thanks for the info Fishmaster I look forward to giving it a go at high tide. Is it best to use spoons and spiners or some type of bait on a single hook?


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        For non-stop action I would use bait.
        Any bait, on any set up will work.

        As long as there is enough weight to get the lure out there, you will catch fish.
        Hook size, leader length, lb test, high low set up or sliding weight etc doesnt matter at all.
        Get bait out there and you will catch fish.

        Also, I have caught just as many fish on low tide as high tide.

        Good luck and have fun!
        Random guy in Fly shop: "Where did this happen???? In real life or in Alaska?"


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          I have used pixeys, metric and vibrax spinners. I have never used bait. Just cast out and reel in slow. You should get one about every other cast. My kids really had a great time.
          When we were there last July a pod of Killer Whales came through 2 were about 30 feet off the beach in about 4 feet of water 4 were about 70 or 80 feet out. The 2 that were right next to the beach were herding the fish toward the others waiting in deeper water.
          It sure ruined the fishing but my wife got a great video of it. I have seen a lot of Orcas and Humpback whales all over Alaska but I have never seen anything like that.


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            Was there Sunday and the action was fairly slow for the spit. Caught some very small tomcod and a few really nice looking pollock. Add the typical irish lords and a few yellowfin sole.

            I just used gulp shad and one piece lasted the whole afternoon. If you are going to use bait or the gulp, consider adding a small corkie or floater above the bait. I think it increases your hit percentage significantly. Lures usually work, but at high tide, its tough without the right gear to get it out far enough. I've always had better action at low tide. I think its usually a matter of if they are discharging seafood wasted or not.


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              Looking forward to the experience thanks for all the info and tips.


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