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Shore fishing in Sitka and Kodiak

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  • Shore fishing in Sitka and Kodiak

    My wife and I are thinking about taking a cruise around the second or third week of July that will be stopping in Sitka and Kodiak. We would both really like to do some unguided fishing at both stops is possible. We have fished, on our own, at Juneau and Ketchikan before and had good luck but we know nothing about these two ports. We don't even know what species of salmon will be there at that time of the year. We need to find some place that is not too far from where the ship docks. We can take a taxi if necessary (and possible) but don't want to have to go too far if possible. We have our own tackle and are not targeting any special species. We just want to catch something. Unlike most of you lucky locals we both enjoy catching chum and pinks as well as anything else that will bite. We will not be keeping any fish. Just catch and release.

    I have always gotten great advice from the participants of this forum and hope someone will offer a little information this time. Your response will be greatly appreciated.


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    after thinking a little if you said how you are going to there an how long will you be staying in each place it would help


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      Strange request, but doable.

      You should be able to taxi from the boat to the Buskin River, which is 4 miles from the center of town. You will need waders and medium spin with vibrax terminals. Your quarry will be dolly varden and pinks as the reds have pretty much sailed through. There are other road spots certainly, but the higher cost of of transit via taxi won't make it cost efficent. You could rent a car and reach those spots; but unless you have a cooperate discount card with Avis, you'll get nailed.

      There are river guided services that you can buy on boat (costly), and there are charter services that are available to take you into the sea. (also costly)

      Kodiak ain't Ketchikan and it ain't Juneau; don't rate the community from a fishing acessibility point of view from a cruise ship. If it was me, I would head to their downtown museums which are both historical and excellent, and then visit their Bear Market to shop for local goods.

      And if you want to fish this superlative lacation then by all means schedule it as a destination and not a stopover. I know all about it, wrote the book on it, and will be there in 19 days...

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        Bernard kind of nailed it although you probably wont need hip waders when fishing for pinks. A taxi is fairly cheap to the Buskin. Another place you could try is off the beach at Mill Bay, which is pretty much in town, but you will still need a taxi to get there. You might be able to get into some silvers and bright pinks, people do it alot but you would need waders there for sure. Cruise ships usuelly stay 1 day, yesterday one dropped anchor about 8 and left at 5 ish. Also keep in mind that if the ship cant dock, (for instance, if the ferry is schedualled to use the dock that day) you will have to leave the ship on one of their small boats and return the same. This could cut down on your time ashore, maybe? Might check into that.

        If it was me, I would try to get a small party of travelers on the ship and form a 4 or 6 person half day charter and split costs, I mean you came all this way right? You should be able to find someone to take you out if you call the Kodiak Charter Association and give them a date. They have alot of operators so Im guessing they would work with you even on short notice. Good luck.


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          I have to agree with Unplugged. Most of the cruise ships are only here for 8-10 hours. Besides the third week of July might be a touch early for pinks in the river (or might not, I never count on them until the last of July early August) but they can be found cruising the beaches during the time you plan on being here. Personally, I would just avoid the hassels and pay for a charter. If you want to come here to fish may I recommend spending a week in September.
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            Thanks to everyone who replied. You have given me some good information and it is appreciated.



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