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  • Anchor Point trip

    :think:Hello! I am going to be down to Anchor point the 8th to 20th of June and was wondering if there are any places that a kayak can get to some rockfish close in. Also, are there still kings to be had close off shore during that time frame?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    YES on the kings, and NO on the rockfish off Anchor Point. Mostly shallow, muddy bottom in that area and rockies loves just the opposite.


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      No rockfish like cliffhanger said but there is that other popular whitefish...HALIBUT! As long as you don't mind smaller eater chickens in the 10 to 25 pound range, I think you'd have a decent shot at a few withing say 3 miles or less from shore.

      I paddle out about a mile with my mini-x. Just keep in mind most days I have been out there, the wind direction has a greater influence on your drift direction than the current even though the current can be running 3 or more knots.

      I like cod as a whitefish too, but 90% of the cod I catch in that area look they are on their death bed. Just look super nappy with parasites and sores.

      Good Luck!!! Keep in mind the no fishing and the conservation zones in that area.

      My blogs log a few of the trips we had this year in that area. Link below.


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        Actually I take back what I said on the rockfish. We were trolling close to shore in the Bluff Point area today (south of the conservation zone) and started hitting black rockfish, which are a pelagic fish that can be anywhere in the area. One of them was very hefty. Also caught a nice king (19 lb.) up near the south Anchor Point marker, and went further out for some chicken buts...
        Click image for larger version

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          Been over 15 years since fishing off Anchor point. That was pre marker day. I will be trolling down there next week. How do I identify the zones and markers in the area that are off limits? Cliff hanger you mentioned conservation zone, are you referring to the 1 mile radius from the Mouth of the Anchor or is there another no go area I have not heard of? Don't want to get in any legal trouble.


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            2 miles either side S/N of Anchor, orange markers on the beach. there are actually 2 markers at each location, supposed to be for a sight line, with the back marker bieng higher than the front to give a visual of a direct line. F&G has yet to recognize the fact that the rear Marker on the north is not visable from the water even at high tide! And yes to one mile off shore, which i am under the assumption would be from high tide mark, but have no written documentation of that.
            good luck
            good fishin


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              :topjob:Thank you all for the great input!
              How is the fishing around Whiskey Gulch?


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                Pick up the regs. Marker latitude coordinates are on page 14.


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                  Thanks for the info.


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