Silvers in Valdez in late August



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  • Silvers in Valdez in late August

    Me and my buddy are wanting to do a silver trip in late august. 25th-31 sometime. I was wondering if the silvers were still in and if so, who do I need to charter through? We would like it to be a combo trip with halibut if possible. If anyone has any info and is willing to share, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Silvers will be in thick out in the bay. I was there with my family fishing from shore over labor day weekend off the docks and caught 25+ silvers, with this being the tail end of the run. You should have no problem getting into fish with any reputable charter service during this time, although I cannot attest to how shore fishing will be during this time.


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      That's probably about the best time to be there, so very good timing, first of all. In a typical year, you could easily catch your silver limits from shore or the docks. One thing I've done several times is go in on a boat rental from Fish Central and make it a sort of do-it-yourself charter. Trolling is easy enough...just follow the rest of the fleet. If the fish are there, there will be hundreds of boats within a couple of miles of the harbor.


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