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Want to catch large arrowtooth out of Whittier or Seward

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  • Want to catch large arrowtooth out of Whittier or Seward

    I know it's a strange information request but I am in search of a large arrowtooth flounder I can catch from a kayak. I plan to jump on a friend's power boat with my yak. He typically ports out of Whittier and runs the typical places out to Knight Island and such. Closer to Whittier or Seward is better for me.

    I am willing to fish deep for them 600 ft - 1000ft. I just need one big one. Can't say I have ever targeted them so I was wondering if anyone ever gets into a few of these while fishing other species. Any typical thing to look for as far as bottom type and depth?


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    Not in that area, but starting mid-June I typically start running into them in numbers at 50 fathoms (300 feet), especially over soft bottoms. As for eating.... Taste is fine, as long as you don't mind mashed potato texture. They've got an enzyme in them that basically attacks the connective tissue over a fairly specific temp range. Best way to minimize them is to cook them as fast as you can so the meat spends the least possible time in that temp range. I can't recall the range right now, but the best way I've found to get past them is to cut the fish no more than half an inch thick, then microwave it on high. Still soft, but not fish-flavored mashed potatoes. I know you said you're looking for big ones, but in truth I had less trouble with mashed potatoes in fish less than 20" long, maybe because the fillets are thin enough without having to hack them.
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      cook inlet has a large amount of them out of ANCHOR RIVER, but in most casees you will catch as much or more BUT in the same place as they have simmilar feeding habbits


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        I didn't know you could catch them off Anchor Point. I have fished the Deep Creek halibut for decades and never landed one. Maybe I have to go out farther.

        I'll fess up. I know they are edible and I will utilize anything that I catch legally (read bait...), but the reason is I am looking is I am in an online kayak fishing tournament and they have a halibut and other flatfish/flounder category. The folks down south are hauling in a some nice starry flounder. I think I can get a decent one of those off the mouth of the Kenai River but thought a large arrowtooth would be an interesting and hopefully gigantic entry (relative to other flounders) into the tournament.

        Kinda like trying to enter a shortraker in the rockfish/sebastes category. lol. Anyone know where I can get one of those within 1 mile or 2 from the shoreline of anywhere? Once again, I only need arms would fall off cranking more than one shortraker up from the depths I hear they inhabit. Win the lottery and buy an electric reel I guess!


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          I usually catch a lot of them out of Seward, try the area between Fox and Hive islands, also caught a large one at pony cove. This is usually July/August, so not sure how they are right now.


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            Originally posted by russiarulez View Post
            I usually catch a lot of them out of Seward, try the area between Fox and Hive islands, also caught a large one at pony cove. This is usually July/August, so not sure how they are right now.
            I used to get into a LOT of arrowtooth in front of Bear many that I don't bother stopping there anymore.


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              I fish all over Cross Sound and Icy Strait. The one and only place we catch any numbers of them is on a 300' deep hump in 600' of surrounding water. The bottom there is soft. If they are around we usually get them starting in late June.



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                In Seward, go to the end of Nash road and around behind the big white tent on the East side of the bay. Paddle across the mouth of 4th of July creek and about a mile down the bay. when you get to the vertical rock wall, paddle out about 100+ yards in 250 to 350 foot of water and drop a jig. Never caught anything real big, but caught allot of arrow tooth there.


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                  Thanks all for the tips! If the weather holds as forecasted, leaning towards the Seward near fourth of July creek this weekend. There's gotta be something looking to eat a herring...


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                    I never caught any sport fishing, but commercial fishing in PWS we filled our shrimp trawl with them once or twice. The key is the soft bottom... mud. One drag in particular, out between Green and Montague islands a few decades ago we hauled in a net full of nothing but Arrowtooth, fortunately is was a flat calm bluebird day so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

                    Break out a chart and target those mud bottom areas, your chances will improve.


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                      Kard......I used to live in Screward and can tell u that u can get nice arrowtooth in the deep right off the waterfall. I got way too many there trying to find butts. Draw a line between the cannery by the falls and pt that sticks out if u look back to go to the harbor. It gets better than 300 ft there quickly. Basically, out in front of the sea life center.
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                        Thx cod and 338 for the tip.

                        Maverick, I ran into a sign saying commercial area only. So I launched from the campground. It'd cut the distance in half if I could sneak around like you suggested. Not sure if I want to "trespass" just to save paddling though.


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