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Smoking Black Cod (Sablefish)?

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  • Smoking Black Cod (Sablefish)?

    I caught 3 small black cod last year in PWS. Still have 2 in fillets. I've heard they are quite good smoked. I own a Little Chief smoker and a fancier propane smoker too. Anyone have a basic recipe for smoking them up?

    I've smoked a lot of salmon, but never a sablefish. Thanks in advance if you can point me in the right direction.

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    you dont want those nasty oily blackcod. just send them to me freight collect and i will take them off your hands.
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      Hey, Homerdave

      Oily, greasy, etc... make up my favorite food group! Followed by salty.

      I've heard they taste like smoky budda. Yummmm.


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        no really, you wouldn't like t... it is my duty to help you... send me your blackcod before the rapture!!!!
        (or at least before it thaws)
        Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"


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          Light smoke and light salt. A pan of chips in your little chief and no more than 2 hours in the smoker. Basically you want them a pale tan. They get lots darker and smokier flavor when you cook them later. We really like it steamed or boiled.

          As for salt, somewhat an individual taste, but small fish take less time than big ones. We layer big fillets in dry salt for 4 hours then rinse and air dry. Small fish around 24" overall we salt for a couple of hours. Less than 20" and an hour is plenty.

          It's real complicated and you won't like it though, so I agree- best send them to Dave.
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            Thanks, Brownbear, I'll give that a try.


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              I've always just used the little chief recipe, for Salmon I think, Keep it simple, and you can't really blow it with Black Cod,

              So much flavor in that meat, and plenty of oil, just don't go too long,
              as BrownBear says, go short and quick then try some, you'll be amazed
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                Difficult to smoke. They stick to your lips and are hard to keep lit.


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