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Which direction north... or south to kasilof?

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  • Which direction north... or south to kasilof?

    Flying up to Anchorage on June 10th. going to be fishing for 7 days. Mainly bank fishing. Should we head up the Parks hwy. and fish the creeks and rivers for Kings or head down south to the Kenia penn. area and fish the Kasilof and other rivers an creeks down in that area? Any locations out west of Anchorage we need to consider?
    We want the best opportunity with the time we have.
    Will the reds be running in the Russian during this time frame?
    Any advise is apprecitated.

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    I'd head south for more opportunities and better run timing. If you're gonna do a little sight-seeing as well, head all the way to Homer and play tourist for a day. Check out the Fishin' Hole for some kings.

    Work your way back north stopping at the Anchor, Deep Creek, or Ninilchik for kings.

    Next stop Kasilof for what is traditionally peak timing for the hatchery kings.

    If you are feeling adventuresome, try the Kenai for kings if the Killey hasn't puked... but better luck hiring a guide boat. Save the Russian for the end of your week and you may just hit pay dirt for a sanctuary opener. Reds have been moving thru the lower Kenai in big numbers the past three days. They will be there in fishable numbers the latter half of your week.

    Good luck and report back with how you did!
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      I am having trouble locating RV parks. Any favorites? We will be starting in Anchorage with the hords in a couple of weeks..Hoping to work our way south to Kenain then down to Homer If we still have time over to Seward for some Halibut..Again RV Parks (good ones)..


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        Pete, you'll be lucky to get a spot for an RV during that time near the Kenai. You might try either of the following in Sterling:


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