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    OK-I'm sorry if this thread has been done 100 times. But... please let me know where most AK's get their emersion/exposure suits. Is there a place to get a used suit?
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    For used, Craigs list or e-bay. Somebody posted a link I think in the powerboat forum where you can get new ones for ~$170.
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      If you buy a used one take it in and have it tested at a shop, some that are tested and failed and could not be repaired have been listed for sale! Some new one are failing too. You can call one of the safety shops fo more info.


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        Is there a better brand? Imperial vs Stearns vs Mustang? A better cold water brand? What are all the commercial guys using?


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          Fisheries Supply store out of Washington had some good deals on their web site and reasonable shipping. The price drops a little bit if you register for an account.


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