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Seldovia or Homer beach fishing?

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  • Seldovia or Homer beach fishing?

    Anyone have experience with Seldovia beaches/dock? I have saw some posts about fishing near land's end at Homer. What about Seldovia? Is there anywhere to fish the beach down there? I was going to take the family down that way next weekend and just looking for something different. Oh, no boat. We are airplane only.

    I figured there's gotta be some fishing there at Seldovia, just don't know where to start.

    Thanks in advance


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    I've flown to Seldovia several times for Kings. We'd go after Memorial Day weekend and we caught smaller fish with the heaviest being ony about 28 pounds. Looks like you have a plane and the landing strip is right against the river. Our favorite gear for that water ~ limited shore access due to private land ~ is a #6 Super Vibrax in Blue with a Silver blade. Good Luck and let me know how you did.


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      Seldovia has some pretty good access within walking on the strip.The bridge area is always pretty decent. The holiday weekend might be a touch early but look at the reports.


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        The bridge is doable but can be challenging landing your fish. It might help to bring a landing net... We never took one and lost several kings trying to get them to the bank below the bridge. If you have access to one of those fancy circular nets on a rope I think that'd be the ticket. You know the one they use on peirs along the coast? Saw a guy use one one the Snake River last week to help a guy land nice rainbow from the bridge below CJ Strike Dam. It was obvious he had some experience...


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          A little bird told me there have been a few kings picked up outside the spit fishing hole on these big tides.Might want to give the Sport Shed a call.FISHON


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