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  • PWS Shrimp depths

    I am planning a trip to Valdez at the end of the month and have shrimped out there in the past as well as out of Whittier. When out of Whittier I have done well in 450' plus water, in Valdez inside the narrows you don't catch much if you set your pots in over 300' of water. I was thinking about maybe exploring outside the narrows (Columbia Bay area maybe) for shrimp this year. I am just looking for a bit of info on what depth to set my pots outside the narrows.

    As always thanks again for any and all info.

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    I have set my pots in 400' across from Galena bay and did pretty good. I'm not sure why it is so different inside the narrows but it makes a BIG difference on how much shrimp you haul. I noticed Valdez is alot more hit and miss than outside the narrows also. I think it's the structure on the bottom that makes it hard to put all pots at the same depth without much variation. Good Luck!
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