Anyone ever seen King salmon cruising in the saltwater?



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  • Anyone ever seen King salmon cruising in the saltwater?

    I was at the harbor jigging off the dock for herring yesterday and all of a sudden the herring school split and 3 good sized King salmon came in swam through the school... it was pretty cool.

    Does anyone else have a story to tell about seeing king salmon hunting in the salt:question:


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    Several times.

    The biggest king salmon I've ever seen swam circles under my boat. I don't even bother to tell people how big it is, as folks don't believe me.

    On once had to nice sized kings swim in my wake when I was trolling. I stayed in the area and caught 1, and lost the other. The one I put in the boat was over 30#.

    I've also been in hot bites off the west coast of POW. I've looked down and seen cohos/kings crashing through balls of bait. Pretty cool to watch.
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      Just look at the herring balls in the summer. Allot of times you will see the kings rising up like tuna in Hawaii.


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        I fish the same area as 270ti, twice while my boat was tied to the dock I've watched fish swim by, 1 was a king probably 20-25lbs. the other I'm 95% sure was a steelhead, neither time did I have a rod ready.

        I've also seen a few swim by the boat while on the fishing grounds, most of the time it seems like my guests are either to deep and can't get up to them quick enough, have lines out of the water needing bait or the fish swims by unintersted in our offering. I can only remember 1 time that we actually caught a free swimmer and it was 1 of the coolest things I've seen in 20 years of guiding. While I was rebaiting a rod the guy whose rod I'm baiting see's the fish cruising about 10' off the side of the boat, drops his bait in and I told him to drop 20-30 feet then bring it back up, which he did and the fish was following it but didn't bite, told him to do the same thing again and again the fish followed it back up, 3rd drop the fish ate the bait and 10-15 minutes later we netted a 43 pounder.


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