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Anyone have experience fishing Dutch Harbor?

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  • Anyone have experience fishing Dutch Harbor?

    I may be moving out there soon and I'm itching to get some fishing in. It's so far out, the fishing must be excellent.

    Any locals or anyone experienced with fishing down there able to clue me in as to what I can expect and where I should go?

    Thanks in advance

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    I hope someone can get you specifics. I've been to Dutch there twice last century (other islands more recently). Fishing was great and nearby...lots of big barn doors C&R in 60-80 feet. After my success a family friend had gone out there 3 times. He liked targeting other bottom fish and some of the salmon runs out there. Also at that time, various forces caused a steep decline in nearby 'great' halibut fishing. And as expected, one year they couldn't get out and about due to poor sea conditions.

    Last summer, talking with a couple guys from out there traveling through, they had indicated that halibut fishing near town was improving with numbers and size again. Good news, if true.

    I wish you luck and hope you can get good current information. I know the weather is 'meh' but I really enjoy the Aleutians.


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      I would be happy to clue you in on some of the fishing opportunities available out here in Dutch. Will you be bringing a boat out or do you have access to one through your employer (some employers have company boats that they let people use)? Also are you wanting to primarily target salmon, halibut or other species? Silvers start in early September and extend well into late October - I have even caught relatively bright silvers the week before Thanksgiving day one year.

      Anyway, give me a call at 581-1233 or stop by the Public Safety building and ask for Mike when you get into town.


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