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Any body catching halibut in kodiak yet?

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  • Any body catching halibut in kodiak yet?

    Spent the last 2 days out front, trying all the known spots looking for the but. Caught 3 small, less than 25 lb'ers. Might be a little early. Thinking about trying chiniak this week. Anybody else catching anything?

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    A friend at work said he caught a couple last weekend but I think he said they were on the smaller side. He did say he heard someone caught a 200ish last weekend too. Looking to confirm on Memorial day weekend, hope it's nicer than


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      Had a friend in town over May 1st. Made it out for an afternoon, trolled for kings without luck then stopped to get a few cod on the way in (Woody Channel). Got 6-7 cod in a half hour and thump, 135lb halibut. He was jigging with his salmon rod with 30lb test line so it took 45minutes to get in. Anyway, he had a cooler full of meat to take back with him so he was happy.


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        Chiniak wouldn't be a bad place to try if the weather lets you out there. On my way back from Ugak Bay May 8th, I came across 4 boats off Chiniak that looked to all be trolling. Must be something happening for them to congregate. Weather doesn't look too promising for this weekend though.

        If you do go out there, just remember that you can't keep Ling cod yet.


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