Open Seat Tomorrow on the hot rod Wooly Sport/225 Merc



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  • Open Seat Tomorrow on the hot rod Wooly Sport/225 Merc

    Well, I need to get the boat out tomorrow to shake down the gear and tackle one more time. None of my buds from base can go with me and I really don't want to go it alone. I would like to know if a couple of you guys would like to go with me? I really need someone's help launching the boat, and someone to lie to while we hang out. roud:
    I don't expect too many replies this late, but the first three folks can go. If I get no responses for tomorrow, I will try again for Sunday. oh, we will head to Whittier and possibly head out to a couple large inlets to try out the downriggers, and drop a couple halibut rigs. If its real nice we can browse for bears.

    I don't plan on leaving ultra early, I still have to stop and get a license.
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    Trip report and pics!

    Thanks again to the Whelenator for a fun trip! No fish, but a great maiden voyage (of sorts) for his new boat. There was some pretty rough water until we got to Shotgun Cove where it calmed down a bit. Beautiful sights as usual, plus we were able to scope out a few campsites. Enjoy the pics!

    Click here to see more photos from this trip.

    Click here to see more photos from this trip.


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      Thanks Josh for the nice words. We just had a heck of a time trying to keep any bait down. Can someone tell me if there is something you can look up online to help you determine when the slack tides are, or will you just know? It was ripping like crazy out there and I even had a hard time keeping my boat turned the way we wanted it to go. Either the wind or the current would rip us around like a toy. I would really hate to be out there in a lot bigger water. But we did enjoy ourselves and it was fun getting to know Josh. Maybe one of you can take him out and actually catch some fish, he really isn't a psycho!


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        Sounds like you need a drift sock...hang it from the bow and you`ll stay nose to the wind for the most part. Easiest fishing is during slack but the halibut feed better IMO when the in-coming tide is running. Nice boat BTW.

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          I have seen the drift socks, but wonder how that works. it felt like the wind was all over out there.


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            you can get a feel for it by cutting a 6" hole in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket or two and tie it off, depending on the size of the boat of course. Great pics.


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