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Berkley IM8 salmon rods

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  • Berkley IM8 salmon rods

    I was in Freddies and when I noticed their 10% sale on rods, I started looking for another pair of rods for my boat. I'm looking for a heavy rod 8 1/2 or 9' length. The berkley IM8's looked pretty good, and when you knock off 10% and send in their factory rebate for another $15, they seem like a decent rod. Just wondering if anyone is fishing them and what they think of them. I'll be using them for trolling for kings, mooching for silvers, and jigging for salmon, rockfish and whatever else will bite a small jig.

    I have a pair of shimano scimitars and a shimano clarus as a comparison.
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    A guy I know uses IM7's on his boat for kings on the kenai, he says they are pretty good rods, especially for the price
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      For the price, I think they're great rods. I've got an older IM7 Berkley 10-20# that I use for silvers and a few friends that use the heavier rods for kings on the Kenai. With 10% off and $15 rebate, picking up a couple to try out wouldn't be a bad idea.


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        They are great rods for the price. I have had a few for over 6 years now with no issues. The rods seem to outlast the reels. Tight lines!


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