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  • Lake Louise info?

    Anyone fished Lake Louise lately? Just wondering how thick the ice was and how much snow was on top. I've never fished it but am looking to get up there next weekend to check it out. Any suggestions on which area of the lake to target would be appreciated.


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    The ice is thick. To the point where it might be nice to have an extension. I doubt that you will need it, but last weekend a guy said that he was getting worried about making it through. There is a really hard crust on the snow on the lake. it varies due to the wind blown nature. The roads were pretty smooth except where an ATV dug trenches. The rest of the lake is a motocross track. Rough and hard as a dirt track."

    Here is a map that I made that is posted on another site. I won't tell you where to fish as I only ask for feedback and have not gotten any back for some time.

    Be prepared for -40. It went from -5 to -30 in an hour or less at sundown Friday night.

    Look at the moon phase. If there is less than 1/2 moon or clouds are predicted be off the lake unless you have GPS mapping or plan to sleep on the lake. It gets REALLY dark fast. If you are near the highways, you can just follow them to one of the lodges. They are marked.

    Do not plan on driving on the lake or any unplowed surface with a truck/SUV. I would leave the ATV at home. Snowmachines for now.

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      be prepared for -40 weather and winds if you do go.....what are you staying in/ do you have reserved accomodations? adequate food/water/gear? do you have the right fishing gear and are you aware of the regulations? also how are getting around? if your on foot youll be strictly limited as the snow is fairly deep and you will also need a power auger with an 18" extension.....if you catch any trout it is highly recommended that you snap a picture and release them, as there are not many of them left in this lake after what the russians/ ukrainians have done to it in recent years....That being said, youll just have to pan around and find out for yourself where the fish are, as they are always moving around.....also fishing lake louise is a waiting game...expect to be moving around alot and drilling alot of holes.....if your plannin a 1 or 2 day trip do not expect to catch any fish, but consider yourself very lucky if you do.....

      Release Lake Trout


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        Fishing for lakers has been slow...REAL slow. But the Burbut are starting to bit well. There is good fishing in the bay in front of the parking area at the end of the road. The lake is hard packed drifted as of late. It was +10 last Sat but fell to -36 that same night. Lots of rigs didn't start Sunday...


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          Fish the north end of the biggest island out in front of the point lodge. gets deep fast on that end. There are a few spring holes that way keep a sharp eye out for them. I would try 10-30 feet for lakers and 5-10 for burbot. GL to ya we will be in "that area" all next week fishing. I hope we catch at least "ONE".


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            Thanks to everyone for the info. I knew the area was popular for snowmachiners, but evidently next weekend (March 26th) there is some "fun run" going on, so the lodges have a pretty long waiting list for rooms. I'll reschedule for a later weekend. No problem on the C&R, I had no intentions of keeping the lakers anyway.


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