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Harding Lake Snow Conditions

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  • Harding Lake Snow Conditions

    With all of the snow that we have recieved I was wondering that if anyone goes to Harding Lake this week they can post how deep the snow is on Lake? I am hopefull that the wind has blown a lot of the snow off the lake and I will be able to drive back out there this weekend. When I was out on Saturday before the snow dump it was getting a little difficult to drive out on the lake.

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    If that was you in the red quickfish, the lake received another 2-3 inches on Saturday afternoon after you departed. I was fishing in the black and gray Cabelas shanty until 4PM. I would assume the downfall we had yesterday would make the driving skeptical. I'm interested to know the depth as well; Harding got the best of me last Saturday!


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      While I haven't been down that way recently here's a quote from the news miner >
      The snow did not extend south of Nenana or Eielson Air Force Base, he said. Delta Junction had only a few flurries, as did Denali Park

      Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - Sixth largest two day snowfall in Fairbanks history dumps 18 5 inches
      I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.


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        Bgarcher44 that was myself and Gutleap in the Quickfish 6 out there. Don't feel bad Harding got the best of us to rolled a doughnut. I usually do not stay past 2:00 seems like the activity is over by then. We only had a couple of bites. The day prior I caught the one laker. Might be going out to Quartz on Saturday and Harding on Sunday we shall see.


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          We had 2 bites the entire day as well.

          If you end up going down to Quartz, would you be willing to post the ice depth after you return? I'm heading down there the following weekend and may need to purchase an extension for the auger before I depart.


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            I went to Quartz today and the ice was at least 3 and half foot. I have a 12" extension on my strikemaster and it took at least half of my extension to get through.


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              Much obliged. Looks like I will be getting the extension.

              Would you care to post how you did?


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