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Ice Fishing Contest Feb 12 at Quartz Lake - CANCELED -25 below this morning

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  • Ice Fishing Contest Feb 12 at Quartz Lake - CANCELED -25 below this morning

    Bring the family out and enjoy The 2011 Festival of Lights celebration this weekend in Delta Junction. See Delta News Web for complete details and a list of scheduled events and times.

    Delta Men's Group will be hosting a ice fishing contest at Quartz Lake on February 12th.

    The contest will start at 9 AM and will go until 2 PM. There will be cash prizes awarded for the three heaviest fish (any species). The Men's group will have a sign up sheet at the entrance of the lake. Contestants will bring their fish to the sign up sheet after catching it and it will be electronically weighed. At 2 PM the contest will be over, the figures tallied and the winners will be announced, photographed and given their prize.

    For info call 803-3343 or email There will be wieners, chips, coffee and soda offered for a nominal offering.

    Cutoff temperature will be minus 5 degrees. Please call contact number if in doubt.
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    Looks like the forcast will be cold.


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      That's what the weatherman is saying, but we are hoping he is lying. He did alot of that this past winter. Temperatures have dropped 5 degrees since this morning here in Delta. We are at 13 degrees right now. Got about 4 inches of snow last night, and it is still snowing a little off and on all day.


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        At what point will you know if the contest is a go? I would hate to drive all the way down from North Pole and it is canceled. Thanks


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          4" Ice ? lol, 300 yards away we got maybe 2". But yes it is still flurring so maybe we could get the 4" you are talking about.


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            Hi guys, just called Dwight and he said to give him a call around 7:00 and they will know if they are cancelling the contest or not. Right now in Delta we have -7. So that's all the news I have on this for now. If it is a go, I'll see you at the lake tomorrow. I spent the day in Fairbanks and it was nice weather there compared the ripping winds we had in Delta all day. Came home to a lot of drifts in the driveway and my sidewalk must have had almost a foot of snow blown onto it.


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              This has been canceled. We have -25 this morning. Maybe next year guys. Sorry. Wish I could have the magic of the weatherman and change the forecast to my liking. Have an enjoyable weekend.


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