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Lake Louise?

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  • Lake Louise?

    I'm thinking about doing a trip up to Lake Louise for a day or two and do some fishing. Anyone have a report of what it's like up there now, snowdepth on lake, ice thickness? Can you drive on the lake? Thanks.

    Oh, and any fishing tips would be appreciated greatly
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    Lake Louise

    Look at my blog we have been out there a few times. you cant drive on the lake as the snow is to deep. The snow machine trails seem hard enough to drive on but when you brake through the crust you only have ice and no traction. There are places to fish where you can walk to. try the islands straight out from the lodges or off army point. If you are ambushes you can walk to Larson bay a little over a mile the fishing is good there also. the ice is right at he point where you may need an ext. Wile we where there last weekend the ice on the east side of the lake was thicker there you needed the ext. just remember fishing for lake trout is like fishing for kings you put a lot of time in for one good fish but good luck. I may go out Saterday


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      Its wes, nice meeting u on the lake, it was fun fishing with u guys, we did good fishing, we gotta fish again soon!


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        Wish I got a good pic of those Burbot we caught the one I took home was 12 LBS the next day. I think it might have been 15 LBS when I caught it. I am going this Saturday don't have a snow machine so I think I Will ski out to where we where fishing.


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          you guys recommend any lures?
          "Ya can't stop a bad guy with a middle finger and a bag of quarters!!!!"- Ted Nugent.


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            i mite go out there sunday to louise


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              big doc spoons in blue or silver, magnum size airplane jigs, big krocodiles have usually been pretty productive. white tube jigs as well, 4" +

              Release Lake Trout


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                Big doc spoons in copper and anything white or that glows in the dark. Forage minnow spoons in rainbow trout color. I will be there again this saturday if anyone wants to join me. Send me a message.


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                  Just spent 5 days there. Only fished Louise for an hour and missed 2 fish. Pretty quiet out there during the week.

                  Ice is near to needing an extension, but the weather is WARM and I doubt that the lake is making ice.

                  Spent a day exploring, fishing smaller lakes and boondocking.
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                    Heading out Sunday

                    Me and a friend are heading up to the lake on Sunday. I Have never fished the lake before so if anyone has any sugestions on some good places to try I could use the help. We will be staying at the lodge for a few days. We will have sleds so getting around is no problem. Thanks in advance!!


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                      3 Rivers in Wasilla has doctor spoons, Forage Minnows and Gitzits. They should be able to steer you in a good direction, too.


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