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    Hey guys this is my first post here and i have a quick question for you.
    Last saturday night i was out test driving my sled after sitting all summer and of course i managed to have a heck of a wreck and snapped my left leg. Now i am stuck on the couch for about 6 weeks but i figure here in a week or two i can limp my butt out onto the ice and do some fishing, im gonna go nuts staying inside. I was just wondering what lakes around the mat-su are good producing lakes that I can drive a truck onto? It has been years since i have been ice fishing so i am really out of the loop. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Go to Finger lake out near Palmer. Lots of stocked salmon that bite readily and some very nice rainbows and char.
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      Wait until there is at least a foot of good ice before driving your truck out on the lakes. I know a lot of people go with less ice but I've been doing this up here for going on 19 years and haven't been swimming yet. Fish are not worth it. It's a long winter, take it slow. Finger is good if you have kids. The stockers keep them busy. Most valley lakes do well for ice fishing. Sorry to hear about your wreck. Good luck, be safe.
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