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    Well, now that we have our own section, I feel obligated to make my first post..Fished Gwen Lake for 2 days nows (the same little pond that NO ONE including myself thought that any fish of decent size was in) boy, did we find and catch some good ones. We had a limit among 3 of us in about 1 hour and smallest that was kept was 11 inches and going up to 14". Seen one today that had to have been over 20". For those of you that fish on base I know this is hard to believe but get out there and hit that channel at about 8-10ft depth, with powerbait balls and see what you catch...Good Fishing to All and Happy ThanksGiven!!
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    Gwen Lake can winter kill (or it used to).

    Don't knock Clunie. I have seen 4 lb dollies.
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      Gwen usually has a few in the 17-18" range, but as mentioned Clunie has some LARGE fish.


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