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Eskimo Power Auger Problems

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  • Eskimo Power Auger Problems

    Well I have an Eskimo Stingray 8" power auger that has had a few issues. It won't run smoothly, you have to prime it a bunch of times to get it to run, and after those primes have worn off it loses power and bogs down and finally dies. I have taken the carb apart and cleaned it numerous times and replaced the spark plug. Does anyone have any suggestions why it might still be doing this?
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    Sounds like a fuel pump issue.
    Grab a pump rebuild kit, and you might as well change the fuel lines at the same time.


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      ditto to the fuel issuse. some how your not getting the correct fuel pressure.
      how does it idle?


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        It idles sort of slow, and then you prime it and it comes to life and then it wears off and dies. I have loosened the jet on it to increase the idle. I'm gonna take a good hard look at it here pretty soon.
        "Ya can't stop a bad guy with a middle finger and a bag of quarters!!!!"- Ted Nugent.


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          I use one too...

          and mostly I've noticed that it has two major issues that may be of help to you.

          first, it's a COLD BLOODED bugger....gotta tease it for a minute or two before even thinking of ripping a hole.

          SEcond...and this one may seem elementary. The vent on the gas tank will often screw tight once it's running....creating a vacuum unbeknownst to you ("I thought I opened that up....hmmmm") and mine would do the same thing you describe.

          These are a few easy ones....hope it's just this simple.


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            So so report

            We used both an auger and tent from this manufacture late last winter ice fishing. The auger was a cold blooded beast and the tent "OK" for what it was designed for. The episode should air again in January...I'll let U know when and we can actually watch an auger look like its mean right of the boxThe beauty of editing.

            Maybe we'll start doing an HONEST product report in the show. That would probably get a few stares :eek:
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              I just bought a new one today from the sportsman wearhouse 10inch Eskimo mako. Going out Saturday for some ice fishing.
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                hey mike the makos are nice....i have the same thing.....used it all last year with no problems.....better get an extension for it too.

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