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  • Ice Fishing= Its On!

    Fished two Valley Lakes this weekend. 5 1/2" on the first, 3 1/2" on the second. I was very safe on both, but advise caution going out to anyone with the hankering. Punch a hole right away within a couple feet of shore to check ice depth, and I use a spud bar to bang the ice as I walk. If she spiders, I beat feet back to shore. Caught 4 bows in 2 hours, nothing huge.

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    5 and half aint bad. But 3 and half is pushing it. Heard people were out on Finger the other day:eek: that is putting your life in your hands this early.
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      hey bros so i go today to an anchorage lake with my auger...drill a hole off the dock.....its 1-1/2" but then an old dude walks out on the lake...he says ice is over 4", but at the dock people were breaking and keeping it open....hes right.....i caught a few small trout though! i made out like a bandit at BJ's sports today!

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        Pike, its all about experience levels. I do not recommend a novice ice fisherman to go out on early ice until there's 4 inches or better. There are many variables that factor into early ice safety. Always understand that it is ice underneath you, not solid ground, and carry a good dose of respect with you. There are many links for ice safety out there- this is a good one from North Dakota that uses 4" as its threshold.
        And another from army corp of engineers- note 2" will hold 200 pounds safely (shown as ".1 ton")

        That said, the ice on Sunday and Monday was clear, black ice, with little and no snow cover. The storm we just had last night added a lot of weight to the ice surface, which will create overflow. Until it gets a chance to freeze up again, I advise EXTREME caution in venturing out. With anywhere from half a foot to over a foot of fresh, heavy snow, I wouldn't go very far out on anything less than half a foot, and would certainly follow ALL the suggestions from the North Dakota safety page.


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          The nephew

          The nephew, niece, sister and wife all had a great time. Here's my nephew and his big catch of the night on Sunday.
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