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Lake Louise Ice Conditions

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  • Lake Louise Ice Conditions

    Just saw this report today on the Wolfpack's website (Lake Louise Snowmachine Club). Sounds like overflow is getting pretty bad.

    Trail Conditions Reporting:

    General information:
    Since my last report on Feb. 12th we were only able to groom the Mendeltna / Bob lake trail last Friday. We extended the trail to complete the loop to Judd Lake, connecting up with the Eureka Trail.

    Last weekend, once again, temperatures drop to -38 degrees preventing us from grooming anymore. Since the weekend, though, temperatures have risen to highs in the low 30's and snowed and additional 8 inches. Along with the warmer temperatures and additional snow it has been reported the overflow has once again showed up in large patches and quit deep on Lake Louise and Susitna. Be very aware if traveling off the main marked trails or you may find yourself in water over the top of your boots!

    The National Weather Service forecasts the temperatures to stay mild through the weekend and cool down to more normal temperatures by Saturday. Chances of more snow are forecast as well.

    The groomed trails are holding up well and we will be getting out and grooming the new snow as soon as we can this week and next week.

    As a Reminder . . . . Whenever you go riding leave someone a travel plan. It may save your life!

    Snow report:
    10-12" of New Snow

    Ice conditions:
    • Ice is about 24" thick.

    Travel in pairs is advisable. Stay away from the channels.

    All remaining wolfpack clothing can be purchased at the Point Lodge at a reduced price.

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