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Ice fishing trip for Halibut trip?

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  • Ice fishing trip for Halibut trip?

    Hello everyone.

    I am looking to see if there is anybody who might be interested in taking me ice fishing preferably out to spear some pike but I am open to tip ups and jigging, or jigging for other species. I am coming into the Anchorage area Feb 22-26. I can drive up to the valley no problem.

    I live in Cordova and would gladly take you out for a day of halibut fishing. We are close to some great halibut and rockfish waters!

    I can bring food and drink for the day on the ice.

    I will be in Anchorage Feb 22-26. Best days for me would be 23rd, 24th ,25th.

    Let me know, either here or email:


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    I would gladly take you up on the offer, because I love to eat halibut and I'd love to go fishing down in Cordova, but I'm pretty sure my wife would tan my hide if I took another woman out ice fishing. She's pretty protective. Just saying. Perhaps some single guys on here would be willing to help you out. Try posting on another forum for ice fishing.


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      would it help if I said I am rather homely? Plus, the wife could come along. Here is a pic of my niece at 8 years old on a fun day that I took her out.


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        A nice one from this past summer


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          Well it appears I did not attach the pictures correctly so they cannot be viewed. I was trying to show some halibut that we have caught. I would like to edit the posts but cannot figure out how to so please disregard picture posts.


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