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Clam drill auger conversion kit?

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    I think overall, I would recommend a gas auger over this setup due to reliability.

    Unless you already happen to have a good drill, batteries for it, and a hand auger (similar to my situation where I had the perfect storm of gift cards and existing items to piece the Clam plate setup together for very little cost), I wouldn't recommend sinking the money into it. At least not for late season Interior AK ice, anyways!


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      Originally posted by Trashmaster View Post
      OK, a report on the Clam plate setup.

      I was able to drill 13 holes in 3.5 feet of ice at a pond in town with a warm 3-amp battery using the Milwaukee Fuel drill, clam plate, clam auger extension, and eskimo hand auger (see pic).

      However, when I took the rig out to George Lake at -20 degrees with a fierce wind and 4.5-7 feet of ice (with use of another clam extension), I was only able to drill 5 holes using the 3 amp battery, and ended up having to attach the hand auger handle to drill more.

      I like the performance of the setup (when it has power), the versatility of being able to go back to the hand auger configuration, how light the whole rig is. The downside is the battery life. So, I've invested in two 5 amp batteries that will hopefully get me all the juice I need.

      Seriously you need the 12 ah battery for that drill.
      Not only does it provide longer battery life but according to the studies done also more torque.
      I have the 9ah battery (Ridgids largest) for my Ridgid Octane drill.
      I have a 6 ah as a backup.
      I don't have enough use on it to say how many holes it will drill though YouTube is full of those videos so no need for me to bother testing.

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        I'm sure you're right, will probably try to pick up a used 12 amp battery at the pawn shop or online, next paycheck.


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