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Ice fishing lake trout

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  • Ice fishing lake trout

    Hi everyone,
    Just moved to Alaska permanently six months or so ago and looking to do some lake trout fishing. Anybody have any decent lakes or spots they're willing to share?

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    Don't know where you live, but we like going to Paxson Lake for trout Ice fishing, and they are really good and plentiful when the ice first goes out. It's another one of our annual trips.


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      road access lakes there are a couple of lakes on the K.P. one on the parks HWY. 2 off the Glenn HWY 4 near Paxton , one out of fairbanks
      most of what I have told you can be reached by car, in the winter time an short walk , one of the out of Parton is about 20 miles out of Paxton
      [ Tangles lakes ] need a snowmachine , in winter there are more but you need more than a car to get to , do some home work ,
      long lake on the Glenn Byers lake on the Parks Hwy, Hidden on K,P, are 2 the bigger the lake the better the fishing as a rule ,
      SID roud:
      PS there are more, put you need a plane or a long snowmachine trip to get to them, there are a couple more lakes of the Denali HY
      not big lake but do have Lakers in them Sweed comes to mine for one {snowmachine]


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