nancy lake road?



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  • nancy lake road?

    Has anyone drove down to nancy lake during the last few days when u went down last weekend the road was pretty rough because it has not been plowed.

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    Man HD, you are truly going far afield in search of those wily pike! I'm impressed!
    I remember that when we lived in Homer, we would spend near every weekend traveling up in Soldotna/Kenai area during hard water season. Finally we just moved here. But the planters do get boring. If we ever get a good winter, you can fish lakers in Hidden (that is a challenge!), and I know about a few places with killer char if you are willing to walk in. Also, the lakes off Resurrection Pass trail hold burbot and lakers.


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      I was there today. The road down to the boat launch has not been plowed. Someone did drive a pickup down to the lake this morning...I suspect it might be there a while.


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        We fished a few hundred yards down the lake. A couple inches of overflow over that way.


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          That was me in the gray pickup and I made it up and out just fine a little slick


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