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Pike and laker jig color and size?

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  • Pike and laker jig color and size?

    So I am going to be making some jigs up for pike and lakers this winter.
    I need to get some made to be sent out to some friends in Bethel and some other places.
    I am definetly going to send out a few in my new experimental but super realistic holographic foil coating.
    But, I also need to powder paint a bunch of jigs as the foil is a bit more time consuming.
    So other than what I come up with as my favorites what are some of yours?
    I can do multiple colors with my powder paint airbrushes so they do not have to be solid color jigs.
    These will mostly be vertical slab style jigs. In 1/8oz 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8 ,3/4 and1oz and/or possibly 1.5oz-2oz sizes. So what sizes do you use the most of?
    I am most likely going to make 100 or so jigs to send out so there will be lots to be painted in all different sizes and colors.
    I mainly want some ideas so I can send a wide variety of choices.
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    for lakers we typically use jigs that are 5/8 - 1 oz. colors vary from whites, glows, greens. real bright and flashy is what we typically look for when using jigging spoons.
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      I use 1oz to 1.5oz the big fish like to chase their dinner. i like geen and blue with some silver mixed in.
      Got to look good even in defeat. IMAGE is everything.


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        Never caught a laker but slayed many a pike through the ice last winter on silver/blue and dark green/ yellow. Orange and yellow was a distant 3rd.


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          Originally posted by The Kid View Post
          Never caught a laker but slayed many a pike through the ice last winter on silver/blue and dark green/ yellow. Orange and yellow was a distant 3rd.
          What kind of spoon were you using? I barely got into the pike last year and am looking to hit it hard this year as I learn more. Thanks for any info!
          Any good spots I can try? road system or not, I have snow machines finally!


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            Haven't done a ton of laker fishing but did lots of arctic char fishing, best colors were chartreuse, white and orange. For pike I find they don't like a ton of action (have rarely had them hit it on the drop) and I get the best flutter out of a spoon......krocodile, wilsons' wobbler and others, good ol daredevle, little cleo's ......kinda you pick it. I don't know that a regular jigging jig would be the ticket. Mostly I just twitch it, short hops not big swoops like with lakers or char that so often hit it on the drop. Usually with pike I will feel them nudge it.......then I'd drop my rod tip six inches and WHAM!.

            However, a planing jig that you could add a big grug tail to the end of would probably be good. Less vertical movement and more lateral. I put a camera down to see what was going on and it was amazing how often a pike would just mosey up to a jig or bait......stair at it......then go again. Lots of action in the winter seems to put them off, but if the meal looks easy they smack it. My .02


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              I fished figure eight a bit last winter. It's a fun ride and lots of action, just no big fish that I saw. I had great luck with Krocs, buoyants, and little Cleo's


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                For lakers I like gold, silver, lemon/lime, chartreuse, glow and white.
                For pike gold, chartreuse, white/red head are favorites.
                Best jig styles for me have been airplane jigs for both species.
                This Northland jig in the 1oz size has been the best for both species for me.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	Airplane-jig-20-slug.png
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                Have had good luck with lemon/lime buzz bombs in the 4" size as well for lakers.


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                  Massive white tube jigs work great on lakers; anywhere from 6-8". For pike, the smaller, 4-5" white tube jigs work well. Mr. twister yellow is also very effective; it seems like water color determines which works better. The biggest issue is getting away from the flimsy wire hooks and going with a more solid hook that can handle fish over 20#. Tube jigs are great because they are constantly in motion; the tiniest twitch of the rod sets them off.


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