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Any Interest In A Float/Fishing Trip Down The Lower Kenai ?

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  • Any Interest In A Float/Fishing Trip Down The Lower Kenai ?

    I just posted a challenge on the Kayak foum about floating and fishing on the lower Kenai this Saturday.Figured I'll throw it up here as well.
    Now that a few launches are open(finally) but the river is running low and slow, this could be the best time all year for people with human powered boats to get on the lower river and maybe hook into an early king.Very few powerboats will be out and it should be a real comfortable day.
    Low tide is at 2:46 pm at a -1.0 ft tide.High tide will be17.4 ft at 8:22 pm.I prefer to be on the water at daylight but these tides could be in our favor with paddle-craft.
    My thinking is to put in a the Pillars State Park and drift down to either Cunningham Park or(if Cunningham is too muddy) go on down to the city of Kenai launch.Easy in easy out.Should be about 6-8 hours on the water.'
    Thinking that with a small group of people we could have rigs high and low for shuttles.There is the safety factor in case anyone has problems,and we could help each other out if someone happens to catch a huge fish.(I will be packing a net).
    Anyone up to this challenge PM me and we'll make it happen. :topjob:

    And remember Les Anderson caught his 97 pounder on May 18th.........

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    If I had a kayak I'd join ya!
    Alaska: We're all here cuz we're not all "there"


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      Les caught that king on my birthday, May 17th. Tight lines.
      Only those that can see the invisible can do the impossible.


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        Raptor-1------I have 3 kayaks.Two of them are sit-in and the newer Ultimate.If you have kayak expirence I'd let you use one if you want to come on down.All you have to provide is your own gear,some common sense,and the enthusiasum to make this happen.What say you ?
        akriverman-------sorry I missed your birthday..........but I was close.


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          Well, I have a trip planned now to the Parks for tomorrow, but thanks for the offer!
          Alaska: We're all here cuz we're not all "there"


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            I wish I didnt have to work this weekend. I would make the drive and paddle with ya.
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