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  • 2011 Hooligan thread

    Went down to Portage today to scout things out.

    Lots of seagulls and eagles on the flats, which is a bit early. Saw a couple of small, blackish dolphin or porpoise that I've never seen in the Arm before...I'm very curious what they were. I'm guessing harbor porpoise, though. There was one guy dipping at the Chugach Park pullout after Girdwood on the the little point. He was getting a few. Not a lot, but they were there, and the tide wasn't to him yet so it could have gotten a lot better.

    Point is, they're already in. I'm sure it'll build over the next few weeks. I have nets to repair from a winter of puppy shredding that I just discovered....lol. If the weather holds, you may hear more later this week.

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    If you have a dog, hooligan is excellent dog food, btw...the oil is great for their coats.


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      Feed a dog a lot though and they tend to stink like a fish...
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