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  • What to expect in the kenai-

    Well I finally get back to AK after a four year hiatus and been lurking on this site for awhile. Going to be in the kenai for a few days starting on July 5th. Was wondering on what to expect as far as fishable numbers in the kenai/russian rivers? Either trout or salmon. I am willing to do a drift boat or shore fish. I have done the russian river before but it was in mid june last time. Will l be between runs this time? Also was thinking of a flyout to the west side of Cook for the day(haven't done that) Any info is appreciated. Later in the week will be spending a number of days on the denali highway so I should be able to get my grayling fill there. Thanks

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    There will still be some sockeye around from the 1st run during the first week of July, and most of them will be up in the Russian. A hike upstream to look for sockeye is a good idea, but come with your trout gear as well for a backup plan. Lots of bows eating salmon fillets and caddis that time of year

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      Looking at ADF's fish counts for last year it looks like close to 1000 king came through the sonar last 4th of July and the cummulative was near 10,000.
      The sockeye count wasn't great on the 4th but did peak at 82,000 fish on July 17th
      Don't want/need to argue about the accuracy of the sonar,but it'll give you a rough estimate of fish counts.You should be able to find a fish in your stated time frame........
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        Thanks for the feed back. I figure that there will be something biting. Taking an 8 year old so hopefully there will be enough salmon for him to see and try and catch. If there is one he will be happy. It also looks like there is a few lakes around to shore fish from also. Looking forward to it.


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          Went on Talon Air several years ago, had a great time. Call them see how fishing might be at that time.


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