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Kasilof Boat Launch on Sunday

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  • Kasilof Boat Launch on Sunday

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ID:	2509564Here is a shot of the launch by the highway bridge on Sunday 04/17/11.Ice shelf hangs out about 15' from shore on both sides of the river for now.
    Soon oh so soon...........

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    A look at Google Maps Satelite view looks like it is mostly private property along that river. Are there any places where we could drive down and just throw a line in from shore? Don't wanna get shot for being on someone's property.


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      you can walk up from the bridge by the boat launch, or go to crooked creek. A lot of it is private, but if you ask before you fish most people will let you.


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        Easter Sunday

        Just got back from the Kasilof River.The launch at the highway still has an ice shelf that is about 7' off the bank.But there was a trailer/truck in the parking lot.I'm not sure if someone had put in there or if it was to pick the guys up from the upper river.
        Went down to Crooked Creek to check it out also.There were 8 guys fishing that I could see from the junction.Did not see any fish caught but who knows ?Hopefully they are getting to dance with a steely or two.Anybody else have a better report ?
        No one was home down at Kasilof Kabin's take out.They may not open for a while yet.Hang in there guys,the time is getting closer.
        I also called the folks that run Eagle Rock campground/boat launch.The lady told me they will not open until June 1st unless the wate level comes up considerably.Not enough water in their lagoon til then..bummer.
        Stay tuned............................Mark :topjob:


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          Thanks for the update Mark!


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