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    PM sent to you c6 batmobile


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      Hi! Another novice here. This may be a dumb question but would this be a good reel for fly fishing? A friend of mine bought two and offered the spare to me but I don't want to take it if it's the wrong kind of reel and someone else might benefit from it.


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        That's not a fly reel. It's called a bait caster. They are great for fishing with, but its a different style completely. If you have never fished before I'd say no as these are a bit harder to learn how to cast them.


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          Thank you! (Glad I checked before I took it!) Out of curiosity, how are bait casters different? Are they for a different type of fishing, or just harder to use?


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            Baitcasters are basically used for the same type of fishing as spin cast, but operate a little differently. Baitcasters typically release their line close to the rod and level with the rod eyes, so there is less friction when you cast. This allows for longer casting (that is, if you can cast at all :P). The casting isn't really that difficult, but it certainly takes more care and practice than spincasting.

            Fly fishing is a whole different beast. A fly reel looks like http://www.fishincloseouts.com/produ...82350_zoom.jpg

            What kind of fishing did you want to do? Both fly and baitcast are excellent options in Alaska. They are just two very different styles. Feel free to PM me if you want to ask some more specific questions. Always happy to get new people on the water.
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              Baitcaster reels are used mostly for just that, fishing bait. Yes they are hard for some people to figure out. If you want to get into fly fishing just start reading away here as there is tons of info on this forum. Best to get with someone that knows and just have them show you some things. Lots to know,but it's not rocket science.


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                With a bait caster you have to control the rate of line let out with your thumb and fore finger so it doesnt let out too fast and cause a tangle. Spin reels you just open up and flip that sucker out.

                Fly fishing like stated above is a whole different beast. I dont know squat about that and it seems to require some finesse.
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