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Finding a fly rod for Dutch Harbor

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  • Finding a fly rod for Dutch Harbor

    Hi all,

    Just found this forum, seems to be full of useful information.

    I recently moved to Dutch Harbor for work and am looking to purchase a new fly rod for out here. I would be mostly fishing the rivers and a little bit in the bays. Salmon fishing mostly. Can anyone who is familiar with the area recommend what weight rod I should invest in? 1 person I spoke with told me they use a 5wt, but I that seems a bit light for the area.

    Any advice appreciated.


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    I used my 9 while I was there but now that I have a good 7 I would use it out there. Unalaska is awesome!!
    I have such a hard time trying to decide which outdoor activity to do every chance I get!! Living in AK is a mental challenge


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      What do they have there? Silvers and dollies and humpies right? I'd say a 7 and a 4... Oh and a Bluewater rod for halibut and lingcod, like a 12 weight!
      I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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        yes silvers and dollies, a lot of pinks as well. i am working as a fishery observer on commercial fishing boats, living out of a backpack so its not very feasible for me to be carrying multiple rods around with me. Right now I only own a 3wt. after leaving my 5wt on the side of the road like a dummy. I am debating what would be the most practical rod for all situations, probably going to decide on a 5 or 6 weight. Thanks for the advice, can't wait to get back up here in June after a brief break and start fishing!


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