Tell me about Kasilof Kings in mid July




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  • Tell me about Kasilof Kings in mid July

    Planning a trip with a buddy, and unfortunately, looks like we can only do a fishing trip on a Monday---so no guided trips on Kenai, unfortunately. However, Kasilof drifting is open. I looked back at some fishing reports, and saw a few big kings, even in late july, but it sounds rarer. And there is no King counter for the Kasilof river, only sockeye. Can someone tell me, all things being average, what a mid July fishing day for kings on the Kasilof is like?

    From what I've gathered from the regs, it looks like a guided trip would be on the lower Kasilof (below the bridge) and 1 fish limit. That right?

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    This IS your man....

    You will NOT be disappointed.
    "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
    The KeenEye MD


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      The wife and I fished the Kasilof two years ago in mid / late July and did pretty good (39# & 44#). There are alot of good guide services that fish the Kasilof. We use WIDESPREAD FISHING ADVENTURES. We will be fishing with them again this year (be in Alaska July 20-30).
      You can find them on the web and look over the site, then decide.
      GOOD LUCK.


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        X2 on Piscatorial Pursuits. If they are running, Bob Ball will get you fish!!!


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          Thanks for recs. fellas!

          There really is no such ting as a "normal" July day ... once commercial season starts up at the end of June, the flow of kings is quite dependent upon the number of openers in a row south of the river mouth.

          You are right that there is no king counter and there is actually no king management plan, which is essentially a crime for this run of fish. ADF&G studies to perhaps overcome this fact magically went away ....

          It's very unusual with even the heaviest netting pressure to have no action, but whether it's 2-3 fish for the boat or 15 or more or something inbetween is simply a matter of playing the odds with the comm fishery.

          It's not the steady action fishery of early June, but you do stand the chance of finding much larger fish than the June fishery: my boat averages 1-2 fish weekly that time of year that would qualify for an AD&G trophy certificate if one chose to keep the fish and apply for the certificate.


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