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Fishing for sheefish

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  • Fishing for sheefish

    Do any of you know any rivers that a guy could drive to for catching sheefish, either by bank fishing or fishing from a boat? I wish to go try and fish for some, but not have to pay to be flown to a place and be a guest at a lodge or someplace.

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    Might as well try Deep Creek - its close & you can drive to it.
    Guess what I'm saying is you'll probably have as much luck there as anywhere else you could drive to. I think they are mostly caught north of the Yukon River - might find some in it's tributaries, but good luck on that.


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      Going to have to drive a little farther than Deep Creek. The most southern populations of sheefish are found in the Kuskokwim and Yukon River drainages. Since you mention road accessible, you may consider some of the rivers in the Fairbanks area. I've had some success fishing at the mouths of clear water tributaries of the Tanana. The mouth of the Chena River can hold a few but fishing is spotty at best. I've also heard of and seen a few caught on the Chatanika River (mostly down low near the mouth, but I've seen a few in late summer/fall near the Elliot Hwy Bridge too. Typically, they seem to be a here today gone tomorrow sort of fish. If you have a boat to use on the Tanana I can offer a few more suggestions too.


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        They are a fall spawner so you will have better luck at those clear water areas come mid to late August.
        They will start staging for the spawn during this time with the actual spawn happening in September and October.


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          The chatanika in the fall around moose season can produce some Shee's around the Elliot Hwy. I've had some buddies make hay at river mouths dumping into the Chat in the minto flats area as well. They are not the biggest in the minto flats fishery but they are nice specimines notheless.

          Good luck


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            Yepper limited Road System type fish. The Chena, and Chat were already mentioned the Salcha also has some as well depending on the time of year. Boat Boat Boat there is another species of whitefish in the Minto area that reach 20 lbs which are a little more dependable. No not the Tarpon of the North however still large and still a white fish. Food for Thought.


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              Well when I would plan to go I would have a jet boat of some sorts. I've heard the Kuskokwim is the most popular but is not road accessible. I was just wondering like the areas and rivers mentioned would be worth trying. Seems like the closet one would drive is Fairbanks. I'm gonna be up that way in August and I'll just have to ask around.
              Thanks for your replys!!


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                I think you can drive to some in canada somewhere
                I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                  Fly to Kotz, charter to the Pah River in late Aug and hold on as the fish are huge.

                  You can also go to Kina to Kiana Lodge as they specilize in Sheefish



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