One last fishing day on Kenai Peninsula (July 19) - what should I do?



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  • One last fishing day on Kenai Peninsula (July 19) - what should I do?

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts on here for the past 2 years. My wife and I have a trip planned this summer with a several fun excursions and charters. We have an empty day that we would like to spend fishing. I am hoping someone here can give me an idea for a "once in a lifetime fishing opportunity" on July 19. I am really looking for something special that we probably cannot do anywhere else; something we won't forget.

    We already have 3 charter trips booked: Fly-in to Wolverine Creek for reds, halibut in Homer (Captain Pete; really looking forward to that), and drifting the Kasilof for kings.

    Here are my limitations:
    1. The only free day is Tuesday, July 19.
    2. We are not bringing any fishing gear.
    3. We will be in the general vicinity of Kasilof, Soldotna, and Cooper's Landing.
    4. We will already have a bunch of processed fish from prior charters - be assured that we plan to catch and release anything we do not intend to take home.

    Is there anything really special or cool that we should consider?

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    so basically you are looking to catch trout or dollies that you want to release. look up jim McCormik he is a guide on the kenai for rainbows and might have an opening
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      Your trip sounds like a blast.

      If the weather looks good, I would suggest a day-trip fishing out of Seward for halibut, salmon and lingcod (if they're open), and rockfish. Late July is the tail end of the Chinook season, but there should be some coho around. The scenery is wonderful, the wildlife is abundant, and the fishing can be just super. There are lots of really great charters out of Seward, including CrackerJack and Pro-Fish-and-Sea. I've done this charter and it's unforgettable, as long as the weather cooperates. It's about a two-hour drive from the other side of the Kenai Peninsula, but even the drive is beautiful.

      Good luck.


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        Hike or fly into Crescent Lake for grayling. It will be the absolute opposite of your previous charter trips - a high alpine lake targeting surface-feeding fish that average 12-14". Either rent some rods, find a guide if one exists for that fishery, or buy a couple of 4 weight fly rods or packable spinning rods at Trustworthy Hardware in Soldotna for less money that you would pay for a guide.


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          I like Brian M's idea..................don't bet on Jim McCormick having a spot open on a super tuesday in the middle of july...........


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            Get hold of the folks at Troutfitters in Cooper Landing and do a canyon trip on the Kenai.
            They supply all the gear and you get to fish some awesome water.


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              oh man now I have conflict................I like Dave's idea too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bottom line, you can't come all this way and not fish for trout up here!


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                Altho pehudson doesn't say where they are from, Grayling are not readily available just anywhere... and there is no thrill (IMHO) like a scrappy grayling on ultra light tackle... I'd go grayling fishing..../John


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                  Consider a fly out trip to the west side of Cook Inlet with Talon Air. The trips run $350 per person and this could be the highlight of your trip. The planes do a scenic pass of the mountains and volcanos not to mention the glaciers. You will also see lots of bears from the air. Words can't decribe how spectacular the view is. Once you land, your guide will meet you and you will fish from a boat and wade for Silver Salmon. The area is one of the first to get Silvers in the rivers and these are big fish and a blast to catch. All equipment is provided. You can contact us to arrange it for you or call them direct.


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                    All of these are great ideas. I'm checking them all out, and I really appreciate the responses.


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                      Crescent Lake is a great idea, but it's a long hike for a day trip. You can do it, but I thought you would want to know that you're either in for a really long day hike, or you have to plan on spending good $$$ to get flown in. You have received some great suggestions so far, they're all very different trips, but all great options

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