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    Like most of the Alaskans I know, at some point you have to play tour guide for relatives and friends. I have at least 4 but up to 6 groups coming up this year starting mid may, late June, mid July, and late July.

    I dont want to fish the same streams over and over this summer so I am asking for your help. I have a Cessna 185 on wheels that I would like to use to find some good fishing for the outsiders. Where would you go if you had 4 weeks and all the avgas you wanted?

    I also might have a seat open from time to time if you would like to help scout out some fishing spots.
    PM me if you would like to keep the spot a secret.

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    well I don't know how far you can get on a tank of gas............but if it was me and I had a plane..................nome, south east for steelies, over by king salmon, lake illiamna, good news bay, or cold bay.


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      I have a few locations that I already go to but I want to try new areas. For one group we are thinking about basing out of Igiugig and hitting the Nush, kvichak, and a couple of other rivers I have hit before. For another group we are thinking about going from one lodge to another every day or 2 so we can see new stuff. For yet another group we are planning on hitting Yakutat for a couple of days.

      I am really open to all suggestions at this point.


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        have you thought about the Naknek? Yeah I hear you Yautat is a


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          A 185 on wheels, eh? No floats? Unlimited avgas!! room for one more??!!

          well... in addition to the obvious aforementioned and the standards like American, Brooks, and Kulik rivers... if I were looking for prospective new fishing spots with nearby landing strips I'd check out the Gibralter (Illiamna) and Tanalian (L.Clark) rivers... or something in the Wood-Tikchiks area. Alternatively, depending on how adventurous your group was, you could charter a float plane and do a one-way drop off (or pick-up), then float a few days down to your wheel plane... perhaps one of the upper Nushagak tribs?

          A lot of options out there, I know... I suppose a lot depends on what species you want to target, style of fishing, and how adventurous your people are...

          good luck!


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