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    Looking for a great place to go around the first or second week of July. Have been coming up for 15 years. Have been over at lake creek the last 6. We are looking for Kings. Would be interested in silvers and reds if anyone has a great spot. We have been going unguided.
    No problem with camping and roughing it. all your help would be greatly appreciated. This trip is something we look forward to every year for the past 15. There is not a better place to fish then the great state of alaska. Any ideas would help. Thank you,


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    Second week of July should get you into the second run of Reds on the Kenai. You could maybe get into some early silvers on Bird or Ship creek but that seems a bit early to me. You could also get silvers in PWS I suppose.
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      Wow, if you could get a boat out of seward you could go to Pony cove and troll for silvers, and every once in a while you can find silvers around then at the mouth of Williow, but in general it is a bit early for silvers IMO. For reds though that time it depends you could either be at the end of the first run in the Russian, or the front runners in the second run if your low on the Kenai. If I was you I would camp down around sterling or cooper's landing, from there go to seward and kenai to fish. this way you have options and pretty much in the middle so driving wont take forever.


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        There should be plenty of Silvers out of Seward for you to catch second week of July. Reds on the Kenai can be tough to catch during the 2nd week of July. There should be reds in the Russian/Kenai during the first week of July though.


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          The Copper River valley has good runs of King Salmon and should be open during the month of July. The Klutina and Gulkana both support King and Sockeye Salmon that should be around. Plenty of places to camp on both river systems.

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            Try Kodiak.
            Reds usally peak at Saltry. (keep five)
            Bottom fishing is very good then.
            Kings are to be had in combo trips at sea.
            Dolly varden just about everywhere.

            No problem.
            100 miles of roadway and plenty of space to camp.

            Ask me.
            I wrote the book on it.

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