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  • From New York!

    Hello all!
    First time on here. I live in Western NY on the shores of Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario has its self an awesome trout and salmon fishery.
    The question i have is, i been reading about the use of anise on your spoons,line,flashers your fishery. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to apply,use, et... this?
    Thanks for the info.

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    There are several ways but the most common is to buy anise oil (for cooking) and put a drop or two on your lure or bait, and some folks "marinate" their bait in it for additional scent.

    There are also scented products out there such as "Smelly Jelly" which doesn't wash off so fast. You smear the paste on your lure and have at it.
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      For worm fishing use a small syringe and inject the wiggly with some anise oil.
      Works great when I lived back in your neck of the woods.
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        That is an interesting question and Erik I am suprised! Ok sorry joking. I find it amazing my-self that we as fisher type people consider it to be honest. Might as well fish with some B.L. at the end of our hooks. I have seen many people use it over the years jusy a sent. Not to start a subject matter debate honestly I am not but it would seem more important to place the proper bait at the proper level withing the proper therm-Cline fishing the Great Lakes fisheries than to scent with a stand oil. No mind you we have people in the state that wrap fish on to plugs, put W40 on lures, and fish gobs of eggs and all are viable options however not the most important.

        Timing and Tatics are more crucial to your catching more so than putting a oil on your lure.

        Just saying.


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