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    Tonight at 8PM on the Outdoor Channel there is a show scheduled on Kenai King Salmon fishing. I have heard that there may be some illegal fishing activity displayed on this show, but I won't be able to watch it. If anyone out there is able to catch it please pass on if you observe any illegal activity and exactly what it is. Thanks.

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    I guess Ill have to set the DVR for this one and see what comes of it:eek:
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      Creative editing, to my knowledge it was all legal. They did a poor job of editing.


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          I watched a show called "The ONE" with Trev Gowdy.

          Sorted thru a couple of fish that weren't "the one" before finally killing a 74# black bellied brick. That was the only "crime" I saw.... but all perfectly legal.

          Personally the hanging meathook shot of those over-ripe megabucks is a real turn off.

          Reminds me of this very astute post from a few years back:
          Originally posted by 5-Salt Fever
          5-Salt Fever
          It breaks my heart to see picture after picture of tourists hoisting some booted-out 60-90lb Kenai Chinook - clueless that their guided adventure just took another step toward the eventual loss of those great fish.
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            Maybe not legal

            From what I heard the featured angler took a king completely out of the water for a picture, then released it. Still have not seen this program myself but I'm interested if others picked up on this.


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              Prosecute em?

              Originally posted by Joe Lure View Post
              From what I heard the featured angler took a king completely out of the water for a picture, then released it. Still have not seen this program myself but I'm interested if others picked up on this.
              I have often wondered if you could prosecute someone for this.
              Same goes for those pictures in Fish Alaska and similar magazines. It seems every month they are full of Upper Kenai rainbow pictures stating where they were caught and that they were released. Even though they were taken completly out of the water.One year they had a picture printed of a guy with a wild Kasilof King and on the day indicated it would have been illegal.Or the ones with way too many fish including the limit of the cameraman.
              I know many of these would be hard to prosecute as they could claim it a misprint on date caught or location etc..
              Even if these fish are not hurt or harmed by this action it is still illegal.
              And yes I have done things Illegal in my past. Not on purpose and I realized I had done wrong after the fact. I just never took pictures and admitted it in a magazine or showed it on TV.
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                Monster Fish--Kenai King

                The show actually wasn't on this weekend. It was on the free "on demand" library and actually ended Sunday. I watched it. This was a June trip and there are a few questionable things that happened.

                These shows usually get replayed and I'm sure it will play again. 3 things happened.

                1--the guide was clearly fishing a rod. At one point they had 3 rods tangled while fighting a fish--I assume 1 for the guide, one for Trev and one for the cameraman. I believe the guide cannot fish for kings. I question how a cameraman can

                2---a king was held way hot of the water and in the next frame--Trev says "we released that fish" That could have been editing---maybe they did in fact kill and tag that fish

                3---Trev finally hooks his "monster" the guide quote : "that is well over 60" or way over 60---either was. Next shot king is being held up in the front on the boat and your invited to guess the weight of the monster. Probably no way it was over 60---but under the slot??? Not so sure---it's a big June king.

                Anyway--sorry many did not see this episode. It aired with an awesome Bluefin tuna shot in Canada.


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