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The Gulkana Report...Kinda!

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  • The Gulkana Report...Kinda!

    Good morning Guys!

    Well the Mighty Gulkana River along with its wonderful run of Kings and Reds are about to open and return. I am starting to get the usual calls and emails asking When do you open for the season? Is the ice out yet? And When do the kings arrive?

    Well let’s address some of those questions with the first Gulkana Report of the season. I will try to have 2 reports a week during the King run which usually runs from about June 10-30 or so.

    We will be open on or about June 7/8th.

    Yes, the river is passable in the next week or so but keep in mind that the river is running fast, cold and dirty! Lots of logs and things to get hung up on and that is why we always wait until June to put our gear in the river.

    Kings run anytime from early June through early July but the peak weeks are from June 10-25.

    Reds hit the river in about week 2-3 of June and run through week 2-3 of July. We also have a 2nd run of Reds in mid Aug as well.

    I will be open all the way through September if you need shuttles or rentals this year because I will officially retire from the classroom in 3 weeks!

    Gulkana Rafting

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    Looking forward to your next report on the Gulkana! Thanks for sharing info on here.



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      Good morning guys!

      Ok..Lets look at the river. The first Kings have arrived in the lower river but only a few. Very few hook ups so far and the river is a little muddy. I think it will be fish on about Wednesday or next weekend for sure its just a little early and the water is cold! I have a very full rental booking sheet this year with multi-day trips so the weekends will be full with family trips meaning I will have a limited number of rafts for day rentals, call first!

      See ya on the river!


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