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Boat fishing at Klutina Lake?

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    Originally posted by ruffle View Post
    <br/><br/>Thanks.<br/><br/>My son's inflatable and 2 different short-shaft OMCs of different vintage can all fit with our gear in the back of my 4-WD truck, and if we were to decide to take it, my Grumman has a custom-built steel trailer with WAY over-sized leaf springs on a narrow axle.<br/><br/>Going way slow at times isn't an issue, as you say; put on some good music, kick back, and patiently wait for any improvements in the road.... Done that thousands of times.<br/><br/>The cut-bank you described, without seeing it, might, for my rigs, simply be a matter of angle of approach, but as I stated, the inflatable looks to be the more desirable option as we continue contemplating this.<br/><br/>Pretty sure the former neighbors from the Valdez area I referenced, took in a larger semi-V on a trailer recently (last month maybe?), but I'm still waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully their reply comes soon.<br/><br/>Bio at ADF&G stated no more road through water, but that contradicts your more recent report. Might be the same spot we drove through 25 years ago, which, back then, wasn't too bad.<br/><br/>But lots can change season to season, let alone over 25 years. I've gone back to places in the bush where I hadn't been back to in a few years, and sometimes it seems as though the mind's eye, memories, and reality diverge onto different paths at some point, and what's there isn't what I remembered. So we'll see.<br/><br/>Thanks again.
    <br/><br/>This isnít river water which is what I think you described earlier from 25 years ago. Itís more like a tan in slough that got beaver dammed or something. <br/><br/><br/>Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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      Originally posted by cory100 View Post
      There are really two easements for klutina/brenwick-Craig. The state administered one which adfg has filled you in on and the federal 17 (b) managed by blm. The 17 (b) is a 60 foot road easement open to travel all the way to the lake. There is a 1 acre site easement to allow for change of transportation and camping for 24 hours and an airstrip easement. There is a gate clear at the end where you hit private lands but that won't affect your ability to launch your boat or park. There is no 17 (b) police. Really the only mandatory management blm is concerned with surrounding 17 (B)'s is to ensure access to public lands is not impeded. They are busy doing lots of other important and non important work and hiding out at site easements for 24 hours to tell someone to leave is likely not on the list. As for the lake I've only fished the outlet but having a boat should put you on some fish. Haven't been up the road in a few years. So rough I quit driving the truck and switched to utv. Have fun

      We're still deciding what to do, where to go, which boat, etc., at this time.

      No word back from former neighbors from Valdez area, so I suspect they're not into sharing information at this time, or something came up. They would've been the most recent folks I know of to have traveled in with a trailered boat.

      I looked a bit for a bathymetric map for Klutina Lake, but failed to locate one in the time I searched.

      While I was at it, I searched out information on a couple other lakes off the Denali Highway. Depending on our free time, grub on-board, etc., we might well do what we did a couple years ago in the Yukon Territory, and put in at a lake like Klutina, and "fish our way back home", stopping at places we identify as interesting, and maybe go from Klutina, back up the Richardson, maybe a lake or 2 off the Denali Hwy (looked at a couple smaller lake trout lakes up that way that look accessible for a 4x4 with a smaller boat trailer, assuming they are totally rutted out), then maybe Paxson or Summit Lake, and back home. A day or 2 at each spot might be fun.

      Thanks for the reply and information.


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        Originally posted by KMac View Post
        <br/><br/>This isnít river water which is what I think you described earlier from 25 years ago. Itís more like a tan in slough that got beaver dammed or something. <br/><br/><br/>Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
        Thanks. Yeah, like I said, going back to spots I haven't been in years is always an opportunity to see lots of changes.

        Speaking of beaver dams, I laughed recently when I read that a town (maybe Anderson?) was battling beavers that were flooding an area. I chuckled and thought about all the mayhem going on right now, from COVID-19, to another half-dozen uncertainties, and found humor in it.. A battle with workaholic beavers would almost be entertaining these days!!


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