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The Gulkana Report May 28, 2020

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  • The Gulkana Report May 28, 2020

    Well boys spring has arrived and the dream of tight lines runs through all of out heads as we approach another season on the mighty Gulkana River!

    Currently the river is running high and a little muddy but floatable for sure. If you choose to raft in the next week keep in mind that the muddy water will be fast and lots of stuff hides just below the surface waiting to snag your raft or cat. Gulkana Raft Rentals will open officially in about 5 days I think...Call first before you come out. Today I aired up 7 rafts in preparation and I will start rigging frames on the 29th.

    Not real sure what to expect this King season but time will tell. It looks like Reds may be hard to find but the early King numbers from Cordova look promising. Normal years we expect to see Kings in the river around June 10th but the past 2 years we had strong numbers in the lower river by June 6th so who knows?? I don't !

    When we get up and running I will try to post the Gulkana Report 2x per week or you can call me around mid day and I will answer. No early morning calls and no calls after 9 pm please..

    Gulkana Rafting

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