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  • Gloom and Doom!

    Ok guys I have to do something to lighten my mood and the Gloom and Doom around here..

    I have no idea if the strong king run on the Gulkana will continue again this summer but we can hope! Just a quick update..Last week we had 3 feet of standing snow in the yard. 7 days later its down to about 2 feet and the Gulkana has some open leads!!! Me thinking about Kings! What about you?

    I am going Bat $h!t crazy right now guys...I am stuck in Anchorage where I teach school (kinda) this time of year and not allowed to go home. My wife is a Fed and if she comes in contact with anyone out side of the area she has to go into forced 14 days of lock down so here I sit!

    Kings!! I feel better already!!

    See ya all in June

    Gulkana Rafting

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    Well there is going to be some hard reality hitting folks who, make their living off outsiders/tourists, no one is showing up for the early season this year! Question remains, is anyone going to show up at all this summer or fall? Anyway you look at it, this is going to be a lean year for income off travelers... Now would be a good time to start making alternative plans.


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      Not germane to your river fishing but the Northern SE Winter king fishery for us has been fantastic, we are in double digits on my boat having started on Feb. 27 which doesn’t happen very often. Our area closes on Tuesday so we’ll have to burn a little more gas and head 15 miles or so SW. Subsistence is allowed in the mandate!


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        Beautiful WHITE-jawed king
        "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
        The KeenEye MD


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          While I wans't winter king fishing this year, I was fishing all winter, our gloom was having to lets this bad boy loose...Click image for larger version

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