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Laker Spawn Shut down

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    Originally posted by iyouktug View Post
    Theres been a dispute over that boat launch for years that the state had cut through the property and now its getting more petty about complaints of CMVs parked at the lodge and other threats to call in the law, just craziness out there.
    Geez leweez. Instead of the Hatfields and McCoy's they should call it the Sommervilles and Wilsons. I kinda knew there was some kinda conflict with Jerry Lee and Kirk Wilson at Tolsona Lake, but I didn't know Mark Sommersville was involved too.


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      i dont know what they expected. If you look up fishing on that lake, he has posted numerous times about how the fish is (was) good. You build it up and they will come. Did he really expect people to go through him to get to the lake? Besides any time we have rented from him we have either not had propane when we were told there would be some there or we ran out of heating oil when he said there was plenty. but back to that laker spawn shut down...
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