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  • Intro: June Sockeye/Kings Copper

    Hello AOS Ladies and Gents!

    I would like to introduce myself to the forum and tell you all a little about my fishing plans for this upcoming June. My sister in-law recently (last year) moved to Wasilla and my best friend lives in Valdez. Neither one of them are truly that into fishing as much as I am and I am feeling naked in the local opinion area and it is always fun to get online and meet new outdoorsmen. I have been to Alaska before but really didn't get much fishing in so I will be trying to make the most of my short time while I come to fish and visit them (in that order ) from June 5th-14th of this year.

    I am a huge advocate of online hunting and fishing forums as I have been able to help many here in the western states and have received much help myself but I hesitate to jump online and start asking a bunch of questions that I could find the answer to with a little research. That being said it is always very helpful to get pointed in the right direction as a newbie to the area. I was thrilled to find AOS last month and I have been searching through archives since trying to learn as much as possible.

    Here is my plan so far for the short 9 days-please chime in with any advice or thoughts. We fly into Anchorage on Friday the 5th and will likely spend Saturday and maybe Sunday in the Wasilla/Anchorage area site seeing with the wife and hitting some lakes with spin casting rigs. Then we are going to be driving to Valdez to spend a couple of days with my friend fishing for Halibut. The rest of the trip is pretty open. I would really like to take a couple days on the way to or from Valdez and hit the Copper River area for Sockeye or Kings. From what I can tell it is likely that we will be able to get into some Sockeye on the Klutina in that time frame with a little luck and maybe take a charter on the Gulkana for some early Kings. What am I missing? Any suggestions for different river stretches in that time frame? We are very open to any type of fishing for any species and just like to catch fish but Salmon would be the icing on the cake. If rainbows or Dolly's are an option I think that would be a blast as well. We plan on bring fly rods, and spin casting gear on top of the halibut rigs. Again I really appreciate any of your thoughts on making the most out of this short time. I was able to talk my Dad into coming with me and it has always been on his bucket list to fish Alaska and with his health I am not sure how may more chances we will get to do this together. Thanks again in advance for any creative ideas for making the most of this week.

    Best Regards,


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    First off welcome to the site. Not being very familiar with that particular area I wont be much help. Hopefully by keeping the tread alive others will chime in and respond. Have a great time as I'm sure the scenery will knock your socks off.


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      Thanks Roland- I am glad to be here and already tuning up the camera so I can come back here and post some pictures of our trip.


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