UV for trout and grayling?



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  • UV for trout and grayling?

    I just received a wire former for Christmas so I can make my own inline spinners.
    Something like Mepps,Panther Martin and Vibrax spinners.
    I also got a mold to cast lead Lure bodies and I Plan to powder paint them.
    I have a forum member who live between Anchorage and Willow and is going to use some of these to fish trout and grayling with his kids. I plan to send him a few spinners to try out.
    So my question is Should I add a UV blast clearcoat to these or do you think it is unneccessary?
    Has anybody seen a difference using the UV products for trout and Grayling in flowing waters?
    Also throw me some color options to try.
    I am going to make some of the old standby colors such as white with black dots and the Raindow trout pattern(a purple stripe,a brown stripe and black dots) as well as a few others.
    But I haven't caught a grayling on a spinner so could use some ideas there.
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    My top Grayling dpinner is a #3 gold Blue Fox Vibrax.
    Top spoon is a 1" gold back with orange front with black dots (AKA Potato Bug) Len Thompson.


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      For rainbow trout in shallower stream fishing my favorite is a #2 or 3 mepps aglia with either a silver or gold blade and some sort of squirrel tail/fur on the hook. I also really like #3 vibraxes in silver with a red tail or white tail. In dirty water a brass or gold with black tail has worked well as well. Also like the rainbow color with various tail colors. For deeper and faster streams I like panther martins with tails. Black body with yellow dots and a brass blade with a tail. Spinners with tails seem to almost always out fish ones with just a bare hook. I like single siwash hooks on spinners and have tied my own tails on those before to replace the stock trebles with. I don't notice fewer hook ups with a single hook and definitely don't get as much mouth/eye damage as with trebles.


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